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PN Daly Transmission

Cable System Design and Procurement

Construction and Installation

Testing and Commissioning

33kV to 400kV 

Over half a million metres of HV cable installed in the UK with PN Daly Ltd 

PN Daly provides Project management with a high-level understanding of the various elements required of high voltage cable systems.

We have the ability to present a technically compliant package of work which translates from the tender stage through delivery up to commissioning and handing over.

PN Daly is able to review client scope and technical enquiries at tender stage to provide a compliant, cost-efficient design strategy.


HV cable ducts completed and 3 phases pulled ready for termination. Big thanks to the PN Daly LTD team.

National Grid, Control Interface Engineer

Always a pleasure to see PN Daly on my projects; quality, efficiency with gold plated health & safety standard as the norm.

Scottish Power, Construction Manager

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Südkabel / SPEN

Install & pre-commission testing 3km of 132kV cabling including 3No. joint bays.

Facilitated 120MW generation to the largest onshore wind farm in North Wales.

Largest GIS built to date in MANWEB

275kV National Grid interface.

4.5km of 1600mm² copper XLPE 132 kV cable.

Utilises PN Daly owned specialist 30 Tonne drum trailer.

Südkabel / SPEN

Design supply and installation of AIS & GIS structures.

Installation and pre-commissioning of 6 x 132kV Circuits providing electrical security to 100,000 homes & businesses in the Warrington area.